Deep Sea Cosmetics has extracted powerful elements from the depths of the Earth's most pure and genuine springs of youth.


Its natural formulas blend Dead Sea minerals, peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, and herbal extracts proven to enhance your health and beauty.

Oxygen Infusion Microdermabrasion  with Microsculpting Treatment

This Oxygen Infusion Resurfacing Treatment counteracts the signs of aging by generating an oxygen-infused, mineral-dense foam. The treatment temporarily disrupts the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your skin cells to deliver increased oxygen to delicate cells, combating skin wrinkling and thickening. 
Duration 60 mins. $225.00

Oxygenating Mineral Matrix 24K Gold Energizing Treatment

This skin treatment combined the invigorating power of gold minerals with the rejuvenating action of minerals drawn from oxygen-rich Dead Sea water, to refresh skin’s ability to regenerate. And it balances skin texture and tone, reducing appearance of discoloration by slowing melanin secretion. With every treatment, skin regains youthful glow, enhanced suppleness and increased luminosity. The DSC Mineral Matrix 24k Gold Magnetizing Mask energizing treatment effect will remain active on your face for up to 10 hours after it has been removed. 
Duration 60 mins. $250.00

Vitamin C Skin Treatment with Oxygenating Hydradermabrasion

This ultimate lightening and anti aging  treatment will restore youthful brightness to your skin.  Vitamin C halts that excess melanin production, erases dark spots and protects skin from further UV impact.  The proprietary blend of rare Dead Sea Minerals work to boost cell metabolism and maintain skin’s radiance while easing fine lines caused by inflammation due to environmental irritants. All in all, you’ll see the brightness of younger-looking skin revealed, with increased clarity and vitality only the freshest, most effective ingredients can bring about. 
Duration 60 mins. $200.00

Oxygenating  Hexalin Treatment with Microsculpting Led Light

​The Hexalin  treatment is a scientific focal point for the treatment of the signs of ageing especially suited for mature skin. has a unique thermal sensation that deeply warms the skin which assist with the decrease of facial expression lines and skin tightening.
Duration $60 mins. $200.00

Ailments that Benefit from Dead Sea Minerals

Skin ailments                                                    Aging and Skin problems
Psoriasis                                                             General Stress
Arthritic Disorders                                         Dry Skin
Acne                                                                      DanDruff
A topic Dermatitis / Eczema                      Wrinkling
Cellulite                                                              Insomia
Hair Loss                                                             Skin Allergies