META THERAPY  The Facelift Alternative

(Medical Esthetical Activating Tissue Therapy) a unique total concept for skin rejuvenation and skin improvement. Meta Therapy works by creating invisible micro perforations in the skin in a quick, safe, and painless way. This stimulates the natural healing mechanism to produce collagen and elastin, which repair the micro-perforations. This is a completely natural process. The skin becomes more firm and more elastic. Fine lines and wrinkles fade, pores refine, the blood circulation is stimulated and the overall skin condition improves. Results can be seen after just one treatment! The micro perforations reach the basal cell layer, where new cells are created. There is no chance on the forming of subcutaneous scar tissue. Meta Therapy is extremely effective and safe. There are no short or long-term adverse effects with repeated applications.

A new method for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, moisturize and repair the skin. Meta Therapy helps to reactivate what your skin has lost over time, and  is the latest treatment for skin improvement with great results.

The treatments are performed with serums Subjectables called. This subjectables, each with their own specific operation as previously described, during treatment with microneedles into the skin. So besides the regenerative effect from inside the skin itself, will take you outside of active substances into the skin. A double action with great results.

Course of treatment
Meta Therapy starts in course of treatment of 4 weekly treatments. Then, the treatment reduced to one treatment every 2 weeks for 2 months. Subsequently, 1 treatment every month, sufficient to retain the result.

Meta Therapy gives the same results as the skin improvement methods meso therapy, microdermabrasion, rollers and needling, botox injections but combined together in one technique. The great advantage of Meta Therapy is that there is little or no recovery time, because the protective function of the skin is not affected. Meta Therapy can be applied to the entire face, certain facial areas and even very focused on individual wrinkles.

In addition to treating the entire face, neck and décolleté, with special techniques can be treated as individual wrinkles. Every single wrinkle can be treated. The skin will fill the wrinkle from the inside and the wrinkles are flatter with a youthful appearance as a result. There are no injections were performed and no fillers injected. It is the skin itself that fills wrinkles from within. A purely natural process.

Dehydrated skin

Mature Skin

Dry to very Dry skin

Damaged Skin (too much sun /tanning bed)

Post Surgical


Sagging Skin

Pigmented Spots

Skin becomes firmer & regains its elasticity

Fine lines, and wrinkles are visibly reduced

Pores becomes finer

Circulation is stimulated

 Over all condition of the skin improves

Direct visible results
Safe, 100% natural method
Quick treatment time
No down time
Wear make up the next day
Painless treatment – no anesthetic needed