Derma-Lo is not a Laser, can provide better results than most  lasers for skin-related issues.

​DERMA- LO utilizes Radio Frequency ( RF) technology to treat skin imperfections that lasers cannot effectively  treat especially on Fitz skin type IV, V, and VI. Utilizing  (RF) device  for aesthetic purposes can make both a physical and psychological  impact.

DERMA-LO proved to be effective, non invasive, and safe to remove vascular skin blemishes such as:

Telangiectasia/ epidermal spider veins
Cherry hemangioma/blood spot
Skin Tags, Skin Growth
Age or Sun-Damaged Skin

Enlarged Oil Glands on the Nose

and many other marks or lumps and bumps on the skin

DERMA-LO also offers and effectively treats:

Fine lines and Wrinkles
Enlarged pores reduction
Boosts the penetration of product into the skin
Tightens loose skin

Multiple skin tags, or marks imperfections can be removed safely in one session,  the procedure is tolerable but numbing cream can be applied 30 mins prior the  treatment. Procedure time may take 30 minutes to an hour. A light burn mark is
 expected to last 2 weeks and very minimal scarring may last to a few months depending on the depth of the treated area.